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The best memories are those that come to life over the years.

A moment of happiness – an eternal memory. Every wedding is unique. Therefore the photos are perfectly adapted to your day, style and moments you want to remember forever.

A photo says more than 1,000 words, but the video is the one that will vibrantly revive the feelings of love and happiness of your day.

Here you can see what weddings usually look like in our company. Of course, this is not the only we create, as we can always adapt to suit all your wishes.

You can also store all your photos in a beautiful photo book. This way, you will be able to relive the feelings of your day anywhere and anytime.

Pre-wedding photography is primarily intended to get us to know each other better. You two with the camera and we with you. This prevents possible awkward moments in front of the camera at the wedding itself.

Do you want to further personalize your special day?

Do you want to forever remember the magical moments of your day?


Invite them in style! Perhaps unique handwritten invitations in calligraphic writing? Or leave it to our designer to create a design for you that will impress guests. Trust us with your wishes.
We set up a private website for your special day, where wedding guests get all the basic information about the course of the day. Also use it to confirm participants.

The photo booth is similar to a photo booth. Many props make the wedding guests have fun, socialize with each other and take photos. Photo booth itself prints the captured photos, which are also of very high quality.

We provide a professional hairdresser and make-up artist, a fog of special effects to spice up the first dance, print photos on site and always deliver the final product in beautiful wooden packaging.

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