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How your day looks like with us


Good morning!

Now as we count down your final moments before your first meeting of the day and your wedding, you are probably very excited.

While you two are arranging each other in your own way, we will be on the lookout for spontaneous moments and the little things of your preparations, which are very important for a perfect wedding. Now is the time for the first sips of sparkling wine, the last tips from your loved ones and smiles at the sight of happiness that awaits you today.


Tradition, here we are!

Some adore it, some a little less. But don’t worry! No matter what, may taking over your bride be difficult, special or strange… you won’t surprise us. We will capture just about every moment of the negotiation, as we believe the bride will be happy to see how her husband fared later.

Civil marriage

A civil wedding represents the moment when your life paths officially merge. All the guests and witnesses will be looking forward to seeing you, and at the end you will be covered with rice, flower petals or confetti. From now on, you are united under a common surname.

Church wedding

Marriage is the union between the wife and the husband from which the family is born. In the church, you make vows to each other before God and fulfill the sacrament of Holy Communion.


As a wedding photographer, the most important thing for us is to present your love story in an honest way that will evoke invaluable memories of your day in the years to come.

You will be smiling and feeling relaxed in our company, as we have many years of experience with photography of couples and newlyweds. Do you already have an idea of what kind of photos you would like?

(pssst, even if you camera shy by nature, our positive energy and fun ideas will put you in a cheerful and playful mood) 🙂

Evening program

In addition to traditional ceremonies, every wedding is characterized by fun activities. We will capture the elegant steps of your first dance, throwing of the bouquet, retrieving the garter and many other fun games.

From the general location to the smallest details – all this is very important to us, as we believe this is the only way to evoke the magic of your day.

Cake and party

The custom of wedding cake has been known since Roman times and is also a very important part of your wedding day, as it represents the highlight of the evening. A wedding cake is also a fine work of art by itself.

Together, you will cut the first piece and secure your final steps into marriage that will be as sweet as your wedding cake.

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Do you want to forever remember the magical moments of your day?


Invite them in style! Perhaps unique handwritten invitations in calligraphic writing? Or leave it to our designer to create a design for you that will impress guests. Trust us with your wishes.
We set up a private website for your special day, where wedding guests get all the basic information about the course of the day. Also use it to confirm participants.

The photo booth is similar to a photo booth. Many props make the wedding guests have fun, socialize with each other and take photos. Photo booth itself prints the captured photos, which are also of very high quality.

We provide a professional hairdresser and make-up artist, a fog of special effects to spice up the first dance, print photos on site and always deliver the final product in beautiful wooden packaging.

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